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I thought you might get a kick out of this. Earlier this spring me and my wife visited your garden place for the first time and we met and talked to you about how to make our yard look better. You suggested the special organic compost, mulch, and Microlife fertilizer. We did all of this and noticed how great everything was looking. The fertilizer made a huge difference on the lawn - it looks like a carpet (we're in constant battle with our lawn guys though - we want to keep it long, which is another secret here, but they keep cutting it too short). Well, others noticed how great it looked and we were just awarded yard of the month in the Alden Bridge village in the back of The Woodlands. Thanks for the great tips and we'll be back soon for more fertilizer.

M. S.

before after

"John, I have a friend in Irving, Texas who wants to start using organics on her yard. Some of your compost was brought up from Houston to try it. (What a change in just 3 weeks!).

(I have been composting my yard in Kingwood now for 5 years.)"

Debbie White

before after

"Thank you for providing awesome organic products like Leaf Mold Compost and Micro Life Humates Plus™ to help the transform my yard from ugly to beautiful In one year."

Mark Sydness

myyard "Dear Mike and John,

Good Sunday morning to you. The attached picture show the dramatic difference in this Egg Plant. I pulled them both up this morning. The large healthy one had : compost Leaf mold + Microlife + Ocean Harvest. The other, NO leaf compost, yes microlife, No consistent Ocean Harvest. A picture is worth 10,000 words. Going to frame this at have at The Giving Field to show all. Thank you for having such spectacular organic products and supporting The Giving Field.

Blessings Beyond Measure."

Mary Mahlie
The Giving Field
Beaumont, Tx

a yard a yard

"For your viewing pleasure, I have attached a series of photos that speak for themselves. The turf schedule thus far has been one core aeration & composting regimen during summer 2012, one core aeration & composting regimen during summer 2013, and periodic fertilization with Microlife™."

T. Polk
Mother Nature Landscapes

myyard myyard "Before and after 2 bags of MicroLife™ Humates Plus, three weeks between applications".


myyard "My Neighbor's Yard vs My Yard
Using Leaf Mold Compost + Microlife ™ for over one year."

mothernature "Hi John,
you said to send you a testimonial, so thought you might enjoy seeing another yard that has obviously benefitted from your product. The property is inside City of Houston limits, and has adhered to the initial voluntary, and subsequent mandatory water restrictions. I guess a picture really is worth a thousand words. Much thanks as ever,"

T. Polk
Mother Nature Landscapes

"I had my current home built 8 years ago and the front lawn was installed by the home builder. Nothing was done to the soil to condition it and for all these last 8 years I have had terrible St Augustine and compacted soil with take all patch and chinch bugs and everything else you can think of. Beginning this year I switched to an organic lawn program with leaf mold compost as the center of my program.

I put it down in March after a hand core aeration. I now have the thickest and greenest lawn in the area. The leaf mold compost is such a fine product. Such an amazing change to my lawn in one year and I owe it mostly to your product. Going forward it will continue to be the center of my organic program with supplements of organic fertilizers and Medina products.

As I move forward I can see me getting to a point where I will only need to put down the compost in my yard because I expect to have a see my soil profile improving year by year. A healthy lawn is all about a strong SOIL PROFILE.

Glad I came across your product and of course I owe it to Randy Lemmon since I heard about it while listening to his radio program. Looking forward to watching my lawn only get greener and stronger year by year."

Dwayne Buehring
Business Unit Controller
Gulf Coast Region
Matrix Service Inc
15333 JFK Suite 400
Houston Texas 77032
Ph. 832-448-4311

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"Last year, I decided to stop using the chemical fertilizing service that I had used for 14 years. I felt that it wasn't the right way to take care of my yard. In February, a friend recommended that I talk to T. Polk. She helped me see that organics is more than putting down "organic" fertilizer and not all "organic" fertilizer are created equal.

T invited me to attend the "OHBA Organic Landscape / Garden Fair" with her in February and that is where things started making sense to me. I finally saw my yard as an environment that I needed to protect. I had the pleasure of sitting in on your talk about soil. It was a real eye-opener. It was time to start "thinking" about what I was doing to my soil. There is so much to learn and I am grateful you provide such quality organic products so that I can start helping me soil.

I enjoy working with Natures Resource leaf mold compost. It is such a rich color and has a wonderful earthy fragrance. In March, I ordered enough compost to put a 1/4" layer over the entire lawn. I added about an inch of the 1" compost to my gardens. Before I composted the lawn, I core aerated it (around 1.5" cores). I also de-thatched it with a rake since it had such a thick thatch. After laying down the leaf mold, I fertilized it with MicroLife 6-2-4 and then spread dried molasses. Immediately my neighbors started commenting on how quickly my yard was turning green.

I know the pictures would look even more amazing if we weren't in a drought situation; but I am very grateful to have started using organics. It has been mentioned that it takes time for organics to take effect; but I already am seeing good progress. There are more worms and I am seeing more abundance of wildlife coming in and out of my yard. I feel better about what I am doing and look forward to seeing what it will be like in 5 years. Thank you for being such a great resource."


Debbie White

"Natures Way,
Thank you so much for the healthy soil and mulch toward my Girl Scout Golden Award project, in which I planted a butterfly garden at Berry Elementary School. The soil and mulch that I purchased from you have greatly aided the plants in surviving this hot summer, and the playground mulch has additionally beautified and contributed to the space. The children at berry will be very grateful for the garden!
Thanks again!"


Sarah Juedeman

miracle "Mike and John,
After we expanded our community garden this past winter, we had a little of Nature's Way garden soil left over, so we made a pile outside the garden in an un-irrigated area. As you can see from the attached photo, the grass is green and vigorous where the pile was, but it has gone dormant and brown outside the area. A great testimony to a fine product."

Project Manager
The Woodlands Township
Parks and Recreation

"We really enjoyed visiting with you yesterday. Your compost saved our yard. We will be looking for your next speaking event.
Thanks again,"

Robert E. Short
Director of Training and Development
Mundy Service Corporation

Here is the picture of the Easter Lily that had your compost over it.
Have you ever seen a four foot tall Easter Lilly. Each year we buy an Easter Lilly in a pot for Easter for the house. After it withers we plant it in the yard. We have three -- 1, 2, and 3 years old. This winter I put some good compost (no fertilizer) around and over the bulbs. The two oldest plants had been about 2 1/2 feet tall in the past, but this year they came out and are four feet tall with 10 and 11 blooms, respectively.

As y'all know, I'm somewhat passionate about organic (non-chemical) gardening. I can't think of a better example than these plants and blooms. Enjoy the picture!"

Marc Bickham

"You are the only person I know of that can hold an audience spellbound for two hours talking about worms, microbes, nematodes and other out of sight organisms. I think everyone got mulched to their waist! You know, the magic didn't really take place in my yard until a month ago. I guess all of those little boogers needed a year to do their work. Thanks."

E.H. -Camellia Society

"Hello John & Jason, thank you vey much for the great tours of your fascinating facilities on Satuday November 22. We really appreciate your time and admire you dedication to stewarding our natural environment. We promise to share our learnings with others and look forward to your continued positive impact on our community."

Drew Williams, Program Chairman
Men's Garden Club of Houston.

I really enjoyed your talk yesterday and last year at the Memorial Drive Garden Club meeting.
I wanted to pass on my personal testimony about a perfectly straight 7' tall Sego Palm.
I planted the sego palm in 1996 or 1998. Every May the plant would produce a beautiful new crown of leaves. I would always trim the bottom brown leaves to keep it looking regal. In 2006 it did not produce the leaves and I began to worry. I knew it needed something, but hesitated to run out and dump some type of fertilizer on the plant. Then I attended your meeting and the light bulb went off. I ran down to Wabash and bought a bag of your leaf [mold] compost. I carefully removed the mulch to get down to the soil. I spread the compost by hand, returned the mulch and then hoped for the best. Well as you might have guess, the beautiful crown returned in May. I am looking forward to doing the same exercise as soon as I can get to Wabash and pick up your product.
Thanks again and keep up the good work."

Linda Gupta

"My husband, children, and I are very much into outdoors activities and working with nature - not against it. How wonderful that you are able to have this business that makes such a positive impact on our community!"

Pam Batchelder

"We sent out a team of Chronicle reporters to look for the best that Houston has to offer. And they found you! On Oct. 19, the Houston Chronicle will publish Ultimate Houston, a 48-page magazine filled with our city's superlatives. Readers of this special section will find the best in a variety of categories, from goods and services, to bars and restaurants, to people, places, and sights. Congratulations on being named one of Houston's ultimates. Look for our Ultimate Houston guide in the paper on Oct. 19 and online at chron.com/ultimatehouston. Thanks for being a part of it."

Jeffrey Cohen
Editor- Houston Chronicle

"Just wanted to drop you a line and say Thank You. Nature's Way Resources compost and mulch products continue to illustrate the best results for our award winning landscapes. The 3/8" native leaf mold compost used at my customer residence for the AIA Home Tour turned the St. Augustine grass the most gorgeous emerald green color. The residence and front lawn was featured on the cover of the July 2004 Greater Houston Edition of Builder/Architect Magazine.
The 1" native leaf mold compost used at the hydroponics green roof at the Historic Humble Oil Marriott illustrated a dramatic reduction in weeds versus the other compost products tested at the site. After 19 months of side by side testing, the results prove - using your compost products, the plants require less water and organic fertilizer to flower 365 days a year.
Thanks for making such outstanding products!"

J. A.

"Thank you very much for the fantastic compost! We used a lot of it to plant native plants - provided by Glenn Olsen - around two demonstration ponds, in our meadow, and a long our future caterpillar corridor! Improvements like these help make Bayou Parkland in Hermann Park a wonderful teaching - and visiting - environment."

Rachel Deders
"Sarah H. Emmott Environment Award - John Ferguson"
Touching our Community The Chronicle 1998

"John, can I get the necessary soil additives to turn my gumbo into something resembling your 'magic soil'"?
By the way, I got 22 cubic yards of mulch from you this June. It was beautiful stuff-could've used about 5 more yards, but will wait until next time."

Toby Turner

"The mulch looks great. We didn't get started last Saturday as planned, but we will this Saturday. Many thanks for your help. I appreciate the good service!"

Brenda Lary

"Thanks so much for allowing us to showcase your mulches and composts at our Exhibit. Many people paid attention to that particular display and I hope you get several new orders as a result." Our landscaper is working on my landscape right now, and yesterday his crew spread compost all over my yard. I look forward to the gorgeous results!"


"I cannot thank you enough for your help. I dug out the old soil . . . and then I put in your beautiful soil mixed with Microlife. So I am now so excited to be on the right track. People say the nicest things about you and I know why. Thank you for everything."

Debby Francis

"The integrity of any project depends on the quality of its foundation. When we build new beds or rejuvenate tired ones, we start with composed products from Nature's Way. Predictably, we see rapid root growth in days from freshly planted flowers, shrubs, and trees. Healthy roots are the foundation of happy plants and happy plants make for happy customers. In my various roles as home gardener, Nursery Manager, and Landscape Designer, I have had the opportunity to sample many soils and mulches. Side by side comparisons with competing products has shown that Nature's Way products make the best foundation for our projects. When integrity, predictability, consistency, and quality are necessary for your project, use Nature's Way products."

Good luck and good gardening,
Chris Fox
Dragonfly Designs
Cypress, TX

"I would like to take a brief moment to commend the guys that work at Nature's Way Resources. They are truly an asset to your company. They are a diamond in the rough. Customer oriented and striving for perfection, is what every employer desires for his employees. You have got some good ones. It is good to know that when John is unavailable, the staff will take care of my soils needs. The mixture and blends of the various materials takes dedication to ensure that is of the highest caliber for the customer. They do a great job."

Ed Dolphin

"My yard has turned from leaf mold black to verdant grass green and has almost re-covered the area.
I would like to talk to you concerning leaves, pine needles and grass clippings for our City of Hunters Creek Village."

Ed Holland

before after "John:
Jan 15, I talked with you when I picked up 1 cyd of your fine leaf mold compost to use on our main field to show the Athletic Director and Facilities Manager what adding a compost application to the 6 month program underway of using MicroLife and liquid compost applications by Soils Alive would do to help.

Jan 15th, applied the 1 cyd of compost, 1 bag of humates & 1/2 bag of MicroLife to the center circle of the field, which is lined for Soccer. I am not sure what the sqft of the circle is, but the picture will give you an idea of the area this was applied.

Jan 21st, the greenup was very apparent to everyone.

Jan 31st, pictures of the field.

The grass that is showing the darker green is the perennial rye that is on the field. This is the field that is compacted the most and is the field that we have struggled with in getting a darker green color. The turf became much thicker this year and the root system went from less than an inch depth to 3-4" depth and our drainage was much better, but we just could not get the grass a darker green in color. The grass was always just a pale green.

The results were amazing, so the athletic director and facilities manager are started bugging last week about scheduling a compost application ASAP. I am picking up the humates and microlife this week to get down and we are trying to locate a top dresser to assist in the application process. I plan on 36 cyd for the field inside the football field lines.

You were asking for testimonials, and I think this is a very good example of results on an existing field that already has biology and organic fertilizer being applied, but still missing something which obviously was the bulk compost."

John H.

"Nature's Way Resources makes the best Compost, Mulches, and Soil Mixes in the business. We have been using and endorsing their products for years and are very happy with the results. In fact Nature’s Way is the only Compost/Mulch/Soil company we recommend to our clients. This is because the owner, John Ferguson, is one of the best soil scientists in the country and is totally committed to making the top performing products in the business. You will get superior results with all of Nature's Way Resources products"

Mike Serant
San Jacinto Environmental Supplies

San Jacinto Environmental Supplies specializes in high quality environmental supplies for the horticultural industry. To learn more about their products please visit their web site at: http://www.sanjacorganic.com

"Ever since Sandy and I took your course at Montgomery College two years ago, we have fertilized our grounds (nearly two acres) organically with your products.  The overall result has been dramatic,  not only in the improvement of our plants and vegetation, but in the rebirth of our eco-system.  Our rose gardens are thriving with your new rose soil, more importantly, we now have an abundance of frogs, lizards, birds and other creatures that we never noticed before, including snakes that we don't favor but realize are part of the overall natural food chain.  This in itself is most gratifying.  Thanks again for your assistance in steering us towards organic gardening."

Charles C. Dunlap III

"I have used Nature's Way Resources' products for many years and regard them as superior to all other soil and mulch products I have tried.  I do not have the resources to systematically evaluate other products, but can enthusiastically endorse the quality of NWR soils, mulches, and composts.  One of the products -- native mulch -- is the best single amendment I have found for creating good soil tilth and disease free vegetables and fruits.  I also regard NWR's owner, John Ferguson, as one of the most knowledgeable soils specialists in Metro Houston."

Bob Randall, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Urban Harvest Community Gardens and Orchards
(Included for identification purposes.  The statement above does not imply organizational endorsement).

"I had trouble with a patch of St. Augustine grass in my yard for several years.  It had weeds and was thin despite a good lawn around it.  I had tried organic fertilizer and manually removing the weeds.  A theory was that something toxic had been dumped there during house construction.  The cure was to lightly mulch (a few handfuls sprinkled over a 6 by 10 feet area) with 1" screened native aged mulch from Nature's Way Resources while I was mulching the trees in the yard.  After two light applications, I can not tell the difference from the rest of the yard!
I have various shrubs along the foundation of my house that I mulch with organic materials from lawn maintenance (tree leaves, pine needles, lawn edging debris (grass with dirt) and shrubbery trimmings).  One time while mulching the trees and other beds in my wildscape yard, I decided to sprinkle in (about one handful per 2 by 2 feet area of shrub bed) a light amount of 1" screened native aged mulch from Nature's Way Resources.  I soon had a mixed reaction to this act since it made for more trimming of the shrubs (I am a lazy gardener) and the shrubs became healthier!
After some underground utility work in my vegetable garden where the good garden soil went to the bottom of the trench and the pure gumbo clay came to the top, I decided to bring in Nature's Way Resources' garden soil mix.  Two years later, I continue to have some of my best crops of sweet potatoes and peppers and during dormant times the wedelia from an adjacent bed makes an invasion (it favors this soil) and makes a dense cover.
At Sheldon Lake State Park and Sheldon Lake Environmental Learning Center, I have used Texas Department of Criminal Justice community service crews to restore a diversity of native plants.  We plant 1 and 5 gallon size trees and shrubs and assist the plantings on slopes with a ring of Nature's Way topsoil/compost blend (aka Landscape Mix) to form a level ring or pocket on the down slope side to facilitate creation of a watering ring.  We then incorporate Microlife Ultimate (this includes Eco-min) at a rate of 2 to 4 ounces per plant.  We then add 3 to 5 inches of 1" screened native aged mulch with a 3 to 4 feet diameter.  We have had a 65% success rate in establishing these plantings."

Steve Hupp
Harris County Pollution Control

"I live in a Hi-rise and have only a balcony to grow plants and flowers. One day I decided to transplant all of my plants in new soil. I used Nature's Way Potting Soil. While transplanting an old geranium, one of the branches broke off.  I stuck it in the soil next to the plant and several weeks later it began to bloom. All of my plants now have many blooms and healthy leaves. The mint and basil are growing fantastically well. I am so pleased with Nature's Way Resources that I recommend it to all gardeners."

Joan Spitz

"I just wanted to write and thank you for making available such great materials.  I heard about your company at a Plumeria Society meeting and was very impressed with your knowledge and the benefits of your organic products.  I built a new bed for my plumerias last year and got your Garden & Flowerbed Mix to fill it with.  I was thoroughly amazed at the growth of my plumerias in that mix.  They had grown in pots the year before but nothing prepared me for the growth they put forth once I had planted them in that mix.  It was not unusual to see 12 inches of new growth on many different stalks of the same plant.  I was so impressed that I enlarged that bed and got some Garden & Flowerbed Mix Plus this year.  I am again amazed at the growth and health of the plumerias this year.  Their stalks have gotten thicker, even up on the branches (not just near the ground) and they are growing and putting out leaves and blooms.  They will be as large as small trees very soon and it is just this great dirt mix that they are in that is doing it.  I have a few plumerias in pots but they are not growing nearly as much or as fast as the ones in the bed.  Thanks again for making available such a great product.  I will probably be back again next year to enlarge my bed even more and get some more Mix to fill it with."

Plumeria Grower

"Our core business is saving trees. We install Patented Tree Root Cylinders to provide air, water and nutrients down to the roots. I started testing your compost in August of 2004 and found out how good the compost (by itself) was for the soil. Now I know why it is known as the "Black Gold" of the industry. In 2005 we started filling all of our cylinders with your 3/8" leaf mold compost with great results.
Since your compost has so much biology I made the decision in early 2005 to buy a compost blower and started blowing compost into lawns. With your compost we have been able to create great lawns and since the compost degrades down into the soil, it also keeps going down into our tree root cylinders providing great biology to the roots. In about a year we have been able to see the roots start growing deeper into the soil, which provides a better root zone allowing the trees to be able to withstand droughts better. Where we have blown compost in our customer's yards, we keep getting comments about how well the flowers and lawns are doing with the first application.
We work with several companies that specify other lower priced compost (which is not compost) and I have not seen positive results yet. I now alert my customers that we have a good, better, best compost. Nature's Way 3/8" compost is the best and I always advise our customers if you are going to bring your property to an organic type state, you should be using the best. Our blowing charge is the same for all products and the best does not cost but about ten dollars more per yard. The cheaper products need a lot of added products to show any results. In March and April of this year we will be taking pictures of the yards we did in 2005 and will have many more before and after pictures, which will prove how your compost changes the lawn.

Thanks for taking the time to produce a product that is truly compost."

Wayne Lee
Tree Root Systems, Inc.
22719 Briarcreek Blvd.
Spring, Texas, 77373
(281)355-5451 Fax

"This is the ONLY place with the phenomenal Leaf Mold Compost, the only compost I'll ever use again. If you want the BEST advancement in compost and soils, look no further than my friends at Nature's Way Resources."



"I just have to write and say how wonderful is to have your beautiful, rich compost here in my gardens! I am so tired of all the crummy additives and 'un-compost' out there in the marketplace. John Ferguson -thank you for telling us what goes into your compost, and why the temperatures and length between turning are important, and how to make a compost that is chock-full of the types of microbes that are best for your plants --- in effect, thank you for telling us the real truth, and nothing but the truth, since rarely does that happen in any business. Thank you for having a real, honestly researched, properly done product at a price we can afford. I have bought a great many yards of soil and mulch over the years - but have never been as happy with the results as I am with your composts and mulches. I prefer to use only your products in my landscaping from now on - and urging all of my clients to do the same. Now, if only we could lure you down here on our side of Houston, why? I've got 6 acres I'd let you use forever as long as you keep turning out that beautiful stuff."

Becky Leugemoirs Fort Bend Master Gardener of the Year.
Garden Nanny of the Enchanted Forest

koonce "Attached picture show tomato plants eight feet tall and a cucumber 18 1/4 inches in length. My small vegetable garden was established using Nature's Way Resources mix of topsoil and leaf mold compost. The Celebrity tomatoes are very meaty and when ripened on the vine are very tasty. Each year I add cotton seed meal and compost. Any other fertilizer is microlife organic fertilizer. Eight foot tomato plants and 18 inch cucumbers are strong testimonials to the quality of products from Nature's Way and the advantages of organic gardening."

John Koonce

"A few years ago I started to experiment with Nature's Way Resources compost to see what results I would get. On my first test I used the 3/8" screened Leaf Mold Compost on two identical azaleas in 3 gallon pots. The first pot was filled with a popular soiless mix and then the azalea was planted similarly the 2nd pot was filled with the leaf mold compost and the azalea planted. After 3 weeks I noticed that the azalea in the compost pot showed new growth with green leaves and was looking healthy with no signs of stress or disease. The other pot with the popular soiless mixture had an off-color, lighter green leaves, spots on the leaves and had not grown any. After a full month the differences were more noticeable and the compost performance even better. The pot with the compost from Nature's Way Resources did not have any weeds in it while the soiless mix had a lot of weeds! Also the pot with the soiless mix still did not have any new leaves. The leaf mold compost from Nature's Way Resources was truly amazing and that is why I now call it "Black Gold".
At my palm farm the results were the same. I put the compost on a row of several palms and the next row of palms I did not apply any compost. After four months of bad weather conditions the palms with the compost had more palm fronds coming out, the leaves were greener and the plants 2-3" taller on this young palm trees as compared to the palms without compost.
I endorse and recommend Nature's Way Resources products and the 3/8" screened compost that John Ferguson has developed. We should use it in our flower beds, vegetable gardens, and potted plants, and basically for everything you want to grow!"

Michael T. Morrison, M.S.
Morrison Horticultural Services
5120 Woodway, Ste. 9020
Houston, Texas, 77056

"Hi, John-- I've met you at a couple of gardening lectures, and I have read the book Teaming With Microbes. I have been applying the book's principles to my lawn. I am excited to be able to show off the results soon at a "Westbury Backyard Garden Tour" of a few homes in my neighborhood sponsored by the Westbury Garden Club on May 12. This is an annual event which is well attended by many residents of our area who are interested in gardening and landscaping. Thank you for all of the research and the seminars that you teach. I hope that more people use those techniques and start gardening more naturally. Today I am starting a batch of the protozoa soup for my vegetable garden. I expect some great results! I have applied Nature's Way leaf mold compost on most of my yard, but I have left one area where I didn't apply it so I can compare results."

D. A.

"I cannot believed it! My shrubs and plants have never grown so much and lookeed so good. At first I was mad at my landscaper for apllying your leaf mold compost as a mulch on my plants... I had asked him to apply mulch. He assured me that it would be okay. The results have been incredible, the plants have never looked as good. Thanks so much for a wonderful product. I now know why my gardeners call compost "Black Gold".

Cheryl McNeil

"I recently purchased some things at your business here in Montgomery County. I live off of FM 1488 near the Old Conroe Road area. I was very impressed with not only your business but also your extensive website which I found most informative. Thank you for so much information."


"Dear Mr. Ferguson:
Thank you for you tour and all the information about composting. It was cool seeing the raw material turning into compost on such a large scale. I finished my Eagle Proyect but will always continue to use whath I have learned and still learning to help Mother Nature.
Thanks for helping take care of our planet."


Cody Watson

"In the summer of 2005, we decided to take our Design Build Landscape Architecture firm organic and provide clients with the very best products that this city has to offer. In trying to find the 'Very Best," we stumbled across John Ferguson and his company, Nature's Way Resources. At first, we were amazed at the vast knowledge that John and his entire staff have regarding the products that they offer and the organics front. I was at this point, in 2005, that we decided to use John's materials on our job site. We have now been using Nature's Way Resources products for almost 3 years on all of our job sites. The customer support and service have been outstanding. In this time, we have ordered several thousand yards of Mulches, Soils, and Composts and without a doubt have found the very best in every way possible."

Matthew Hogue
Operations Manager
Lanson B. Jones & Company Inc,