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Note: We follow the revised (Spring 2000) USDA/NRCS guidelines for healthy soil as specified in the "Soil Biology Primer" available by calling 1-800-THE-SOIL Ext.24 or E-mail at pubs@swcs.org. It may also be downloaded and printed from: http://www.soils.usda.gov/sqi/concepts/soil_biology/biology.html

Our products are 100% organic and made naturally. We do not use any dangerous synthetic chemicals, dies or stains; hence they are safe for children, loved ones and family pets. Our focus is on quality to ensure our customers get the best products for their gardens and landscape projects.


fresh groundNATIVE MULCH: For years gardening experts have claimed that this is the best mulch of all and now scientific research is backing them up. "Native" mulch is made from recycled fresh green tree and brush material that was recently alive and comes directly from a grinding operation. Recent research has found that mulches made from recycled native trees are the highest quality available. Native mulch is produced from a mix of native trees and brush with only a small amount of bark. Our native mulches have a high percentage of buds, shoots, leaves, and cambium layers in them. Additionally, these mulches resist washing out and blowing much better than bark mulches. Native Mulch is available in several sizes for use in different applications. It is naturally dark brown in color from the composting process.

AGED: If the native mulch is composted first, it is of even higher quality. The heat of the composting process kills any pathogens and weed seeds that might have been present. The composting process breaks down the cellulose contained in the raw material rendering it a less attractive home for termites and fire ants after it is applied, compared to bark or other woody mulches. Also, the composting process naturally turns the material into a beautiful chocolate brown color.

Screening SCREENING: The screening process controls the particle size and allows for a beautiful and uniform product. Mulches and compost are available from fine screened to large sizes. For general landscape use, a mulch that contains a range of particle sizes from sawdust to pieces 1" in diameter works best. Note: As screen size gets smaller, the prices go up due to much higher production costs. Standard screen sizes are 1", 1/2", and 3/8." For ease of use: Screened Coarse ~ 1", Screened Medium ~ 1/2" and Screened Fine ~ 3/8.".

AZALEA MULCH - This mulch is specially blended to copy the natural mulch layer of native azaleas. This blend is made from leaf mold compost, composted native mulch and partially composted pine needles and leaves (shredded) to create a fibrous texture. This product is designed to create the conditions that azaleas require. The heat of the composting process kills any pathogens and weed seeds that might have been present and turns the mulch a rich dark brown color. This mulch quickly breaks down by microbial action to stable organic matter that helps the soil hold water and creates the organically enhanced cool moist root zone required by many plants. This mulch is great for azaleas, hydrangeas, blueberries, camellias, daylilies, gardenias and other plants with similar needs.

fresh groundNATIVE FRESH GROUND - This mulch is produced from freshly cut material that comes directly from the grinder. This mulch is very economical for large areas where cosmetics are not as important as function. It represents a good way to protect soils and reduce erosion and to help control weeds on large areas. We also offer a version of this mulch without the fines that we call Pathway Mulch.

NATIVE AGED DOUBLE GROUND - This mulch is made from an assortment of native trees. The whole tree is ground up and aged for a few weeks. It is then reground to a finer texture. It is very fibrous and as a result, resists washing out as the fibers tend to lock together. It has a medium brown color when dry and represents an inexpensive way to top dress all beds or use over a compost layer. As it decomposes, it will help break down heavy clay soils.

NATIVE FRESH DOUBLE GROUND - This is native mulch made from freshly ground trees, branches, limbs, etc. direct from the grinder. It is then reground to a finer and uniform texture. It is an inexpensive mulch to cover bare areas and prevent erosion. As it decomposes, it will provide for a food source for beneficial microbes to break down heavy clay soils.


pine straw balesPATHWAY MULCH - This is made from single ground wood from whole trees. The fines are removed to leave only the larger wood chips that are much slower to breakdown. The larger wood chips support ones weight much better and prevents one from sinking into the soil in wet conditions.

pine straw balesPINE STRAW BALES - This pine straw mulch has been sustainably harvested from trees in Texas and placed into round bales that are easy to handle. Pine Straw is a very attractive mulch that is used around many plants from daylilies to strawberries. The coverage rate is 1.5 bales per 100 square feet, three inches deep.

SHREDDED PINE NEEDLES AND LEAVES - This mulch comes from recycled leaves and pine needles that have been ground to a very fine texture to give it a very uniform appearance when applied. It resists washing and blowing to help protect the soil. It is often used in many landscape applications from weed control in potted plants, or for use on daylilies and ferns. As it decomposes, it helps improve soils.. This product is only available on a very limited and seasonal basis. By request only.



PROPERLY MADE COMPOST often called "BLACK GOLD" by experienced gardeners is the single best amendment to add to any soil. The heat of composting kills most weed seeds and pathogens. As a result, beneficial microbes that prevent diseases from growing and dominating are able to get the upper hand. It helps loosen clay and helps sand hold water. We offer several types and sizes for different applications.

FUNGAL COMPOST - This product is made from the same material as the native mulch but has been composted for a much longer time. It is then screened fine for a uniform texture. This product is especially rich in beneficial fungi and humus, which works great with shrubs, trees, roses, and other perennials as a soil amendment. It is a superior replacement for peat moss and is used as an ingredient in many types of potting mixes.

leaf moldLEAF MOLD COMPOST - This product is produced primarily from recycled leaves, with a little grass, and horse manure mixed in and is slowly composted for a long period of time to ensure the highest quality. The name Leaf Mold comes from the old English words "Leaf Mould" which means produced by a very slow breakdown of leaves (from trees and shrubs) into rich humus. After a long slow composting period it is screened to ensure consistency and size. This product is rich in beneficial microbes and is used on lawns, vegetable gardens, annuals, and can be used in flower beds. It is available in different screened sizes. The fine size is excellent for potting mixes to top dressing lawns to help save water and to prevent brown patch and other problems. It is available in 3 different screen sizes.

TURF MIX - This is a special mix of fine screened leaf mold compost and basalt sand. It is ideal to top-dress lawns with to ensure a beautiful turf.

MIX 50-50 - This organic amendment is a blend of 50% leaf Mold compost and 50% fungal compost hence is peat free. Due to its high porosity commercial customers have found that this mix allows easy root development in containers similar to bark and traditional container mixes; however, it has a great ability to hold moisture until plants need it.



BIO-SWALE MIX - A enriched standard mix for areas where rapid drainage and infiltration is essential. Additionally, we can blend soil, sand, compost or other ingredients and test the infiltration rates to ensure the mix will meet any required specifications.

BLUEBERRY MIX - This is a special soil mix created for blueberries and plants like camellias and azaleas. It contains compost, composted mulch, topsoil and basalt sand for aeration and drainage.

CACTUS/DESERT MIX - This mix is designed for plants from dry arid areas. It contains leaf mold compost, composted topsoil, concrete and basalt sand for aeration and drainage.

CITRUS MIX (containers) - This mix was formulated to solve the root rot problems due to poor drainage for citrus grown in containers. It contains a mix of composted mulch, expanded shale, compost, topsoil and torpedo sand to improve drainage and aeration.

COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPER MIX - This is a lower cost, moderate quality mixed soil made up of semi-aged double ground native mulch, fungal compost, composted topsoil, mortar sand and recycled compost yard scrapings.

CONTAINER MIX - This mix was formulated to provide an option for gardeners and landscapers that have been frustrated at times with conventional potting soils that are too light for long term container use and landscape/garden mixes that are too heavy and drain too poorly for container culture. This soil drains well due to the addition of expanded shale and concrete sand, and it also has the right mix of soil components to help it maintain adequate moisture levels and avoid shrinking too quickly. By request only.

DIVOT MIX - This is a special purpose mix used on Golf course fairways, putting greens and grass tennis courts. It is a mix of fine screened leaf mold compost and weed free washed sand. It is used as a top dressing or as fill on any grass or lawn where premium quality is desired. This mix was originally developed to not only fill the holes created by divots on Golf courses but to help the grass heal much quicker.

DIVOT MIX W/BASALT SAND - This is a special purpose mix used on Golf course fairways, putting greens and grass tennis courts. It is a mix of fine screened leaf mold compost, weed free washed sand and basalt sand.

FOREST MIX - This mix is designed for tree and shrubs that are native to a forest environment. It is composed of screened topsoil, native mulch, and fungal compost. Available by request only.

GARDEN & FLOWERBED MIX - This is a high quality mixed soil for use in any vegetable garden or flowerbed. It is a mixture of composted and screened topsoil, mortar sand, and leaf mold compost.

GARDEN MIX LITE - This is a high quality mixed soil for use in any vegetable garden. It is blended from a mixture of leaf mold compost, composted and screened topsoil and mortar sand. It is great for plants that require high porosity, aeration and good drainage. This mix has a higher percentage of compost than our other garden mixes making it lighter.

green roofGREEN ROOF MIX - This is a custom mix that varies with every project depending on the design goals and methodology. Many factors come into play from LEED certification, intensive versus extensive, plant choices, water filtration, rainwater storage, weight loading, wind shear, etc. As licensed soil scientists, we work with landscape architects and project engineers to design the best soil for the project. As a result we are able to blend a higher quality mix that often saves our customers $20-50 per cubic yard as compared to imported mixes.

HERB MIX - The herb mix has been specially formulated for success with Mediterranean herbs. It drains very well due to the addition of concrete sand and expanded shale. This mix includes composted mulch, leaf mold compost, composted topsoil, concrete sand, expanded shale, granite sand and basalt sand. Bagged with limited Availability in bulk.

LANDSCAPER MIX - This is a mixed soil of composted and screened topsoil, washed sand, screened leaf mold and fungal compost and composted mulch. It is ideal for plants that require soils with a high organic matter content (i.e. Azaleas, Ferns, Camellias, Gardenias, Gingers, Violets, Groundcovers, Impatiens, Ivy, Blueberries, etc.)

LAWN MIX - This product is a blend of mortar sand enriched with leaf mold compost. It is designed for leveling lawns, filing in holes from tree and stump removal or to fill in ruts left over from construction.

NATIVE PLANT MIX - This blended soil has a high enriched loam topsoil content that has been enhanced with our fungal compost and leaf mold compost with some composted native mulch added for drainage and microbial support. It is designed to work with most of the native plants used to attract butterfly and hummingbirds and create an ideal habitat for birds and other wildlife (Special Order only).

POTTING MIX - This potting mix is perfect for 6-18" containers for 1-3 year duration plantings. Ingredients include our fungal compost, leaf mold compost, expanded shale and basalt for aeration and drainage.

ROSE SOIL - This is a premium soil recommended and formulated by the Houston Rose Society. This is a special mix designed to help roses and all plants look their absolute best whether they are in flower beds or containers. It is a mixture of composted and screened topsoil, concrete sand, our famous leaf mold compost, as well as basalt and granite sand for drainage. Many in the horticultural industry consider this mix to be the highest quality blended soil available in Texas.

SCRAPINGS - This is a low cost source of organic matter used to improve any soil. During the year spillage from moving materials, loading trucks with compost and mulch, etc. accumulate on the ground. Periodically we "scrape" it off and provide it to our customers.


SPECIALTY MIXES - A variety of custom mixes are available upon request. See note at end of document on specialty mixes.

NOTE: All the ingredients used in our blended soils have been composted or have been chosen as to be as weed free as possible.


FILL DIRT - This is subsoil composed of primarily clay. It can be inclusive of rocks, sticks, etc. and is good mostly for filling holes where extraneous material will not matter.

screen loamENRICHED LOAM - This is loam topsoil recovered from area fields and forests. It is composted and then screened to remove most of the sticks, roots, rocks, and clay lumps. This is often used as base layer before installing turf grass as it holds water and nutrients better than sand hence creating a healthier root zone.

Note: At NWR we do not sell or use the old worn out soil from rice farming that is contaminated with agricultural chemicals and salts, and full of weed seeds in any of our products


concrete sandCONCRETE SAND - This is a coarse washed sand that it is used in making concrete. The washing process removes all clay and silt particles. The washing process also removes all weed seeds. Since it has larger grain size with better drainage characteristics than mortar sand it is often used in cactus and desert gardens.

Mortar SandMORTAR SAND - This is a washed sand used in making brick mortar. The washing process removes all clay and silt particles. The washing process also removes all weed seeds. This is clean white sand which is great for sandboxes, beaches, golf courses and used in our mixed soils to ensure high quality. Note: The washing process removes all silt and clay particles leaving very clean sand that allows the cement to bond better hence makes stronger mortar or concrete.

torpedo sandTORPEDO SAND - This is an aggregate sand with a particle size less than 3/8" that has been washed and screened to meet the ASTM C 33 standards for concrete.



basaltBASALT - We carry crushed #5, a dark grey rock screened to about 3/8" size and basalt crushed and screened to 1" particle size. The darker color helps to set off and showcase the lighter colored flowers. As a result, it is often used around water garden features, Eastern gardens, and it also makes a beautiful pathway. Other sizes are available on request by special order.

bull rockBULL ROCK - Bull Rock is commonly used in landscaping. It is a rounded flint rock with most of the rocks ranging in size from 2-5" diameter. In addition to its decorative features, it is often used for edging, erosion control, and drip and spillways splash guard from gutter systems.

graniteGRANITE (crushed/weathered/decomposed) - Crushed decomposed granite is often used to make beautiful pathways, patio and play areas. Additionally, since it is paramagnetic, it helps nearby plants grow strong and healthy. Available in two sizes 1/2" and 1/4".

bull rockGRANITE (screened) - This granite is screened to 1/4" - 1/2" to remove all fines where a coarser look is required, and it does not stick to skin or clothes as is the case with the smaller sizes. It is used to make beautiful pathways, patio and play areas. It does not pack as well as crushed granite, however the larger particle size is naturally resistant to washing away. Additionally, since it is paramagnetic it helps nearby plants grow strong and healthy.

mixed rockMIXED ROCK (Septic Rock) - Mixed Rock is a rounded flint based rock material. The rock sizes range from small gravel to 1 ½ inches in diameter. Often used in septic systems, French drains, etc.

pea gravelPEA GRAVEL - Pea Gravel has many uses. It is small gravel about 3/8 inch in diameter. It is used for making concrete, patios, garden paths and walkways, ponds, water gardens, decorative features and more. Available in both brown and the rainbow multi-colors.

rainbow rockRAINBOW ROCK - This is a unique quartz gravel with many colors. The rock is rounded in nature and is available in two sizes 5/8" and 3/8" (Pea Gravel). It is used in stream beds, ponds, making patios, and other types of landscaping projects.

river rockRIVER ROCK - River Rock is similar to Bull Rock except for being smaller. It is a rounded flint rock that ranges in size from 1 ½ -2 inches in diameter. It is often used in decorative waterways, septic systems, erosion control, drip and spillways from gutter systems. It is available in 1-1.5" sizes.



expanded shale BASALT SAND - This Texas basalt that is crushed and ground into coarse sand.

expanded shaleEXPANDED SHALE - This rock is made from shale that has been fired or cooked at very high temperatures. The heat causes the shale to expand creating a relatively strong but light weight aggregate. The expanded shale is then screened to different sizes for use. Expanded shale helps physically loosen heavy soils and has the ability to help the soil hold moisture and nutrients. It is often combined with compost for use in rose beds and lightweight soils for green roofs.

EXPANDED SHALE/COMPOST MIX - This mix is recommended by Dr. Steve George at Texas A&M University for loosening clay and or compacted soils. It is used in bed preparation for the Earthkind Rose program. It is a 50% mixture of expanded (heat fired) shale for its lightweight and water holding properties mixed with 50% of our famous Leaf Mold Compost. It is used to quickly improve the tilth and health of any heavy soil.

granite sandGRANITE SAND - This is Texas granite that has been crushed and ground down to the size of coarse sand.

green sandGREEN SAND (glauconite) - These are naturally occurring rock sands mined from ancient sea floor deposits. It has been a favorite soil amendment for experienced gardeners for years. It has a beautiful dark greenish-grey color when dry and a sandy texture hence the name.


Nature's Way Resources carries a full line of supplies from organic fertilizers to soil amendments, natural herbicides, and insecticides to bagged soil and mulch products. Please see our price sheet or web site for more complete information.

NOTE: SPECIALTY MIXES - NWR has a licensed Professional Soil Scientist (P.G.) on staff to work with engineers, architects, landscape architects, environmental scientists and other professionals on projects from LEED construction requirements (Green Roofs) to rain gardens, runoff control swales, bio-filtration, bio-remediation, water efficiency and irrigation, etc. For example we often work with landscape architects to ensure the soil choice is compatible with their desired plant choices, and with the architect or engineer to match the weight of the blended soil to the weight loading capacity of the roof. Similarly, we work on soils for rain gardens or wetlands to ensure proper infiltration and water holding capacity. Additionally we design soil/compost blends for filtration swales that will support higher densities of microbes to ensure that contaminates in storm water are broken down and cleaned before the water is discharged to our streams.

Professional consulting services are available on a case-by-case basis.


In 2014, we opened our plant nursery. We carry a large range of native and well-adapted species for our area. In addition, we have a large selection of fruit trees from citrus to Avocados. Additionally we have organically grown vegetable transplants and a wide selection of herbs.

At Nature's Way Resources our focus is on quality products for use by the gardening community that offer real value over many years. This saves the gardener both time and money in the long run as they have healthier plants with far fewer problems. These products require less of the expensive fertilizers and other chemicals each year. Our products are made from recycled materials saving the community valuable landfill space and they are 100% organic creating a healthier, safer environment for our children, families and pets.