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"The process"

There is an old Gardening Proverb that is extremely true today.

"it is far, far, far, far cheaper to put a $1.00 plant in a $10.00 hole than a $10.00 plant in a $1.00 hole!"

This short video shows serves two purposes:

First it will introduce you to how high quality compost, mulch and soils are made at commercial composting facility.

Second it shows three different gardens (growing environments) that are grown and maintained organically without toxic chemicals. These gardens are safe for children, pets and bare feet.

1) Treesearch Farms - display and test gardens at commercial wholesale plant nursery in North Houston.

2) The Arbor Gate - display gardens at a retail nursery near Tomball, Texas.

3) Thompson's Landscaping - several homes where the beautiful gardens are all grown and maintained without dangerous chemicals.

All these gardens use products from Nature's Way Resources and illustrate how you can save time and money by using quality, high value products made by Nature's Way Resources.