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Teaming with Microbes

Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web, by Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis, Timber Press, 2006, ISBN-13:978-0-88192-777-1

This is the most complete book on the market about biological or organic methods in horticulture. It is written in a very easy to understand, non technical format with lots of pictures illustrating the latest research is soil science. It is written for the average gardener and landscaper as an introduction that explains why organic methods work so well and how they help a person save time and money.

The book is written in two parts. The first part is a easy to understand very basic presentation on the science of soil biology. The second part take the ideas and concepts on the Soil Food Web that were introduced in part one and applies them to solving problems in our yards and gardens. Subjects covered range from taking care of our soil, to compost and mulch choices. Also included is information on compost teas to natural weed control. Each plant group from lawns and turfgrass, to annuals and vegetables, to shrubs perennials and trees are covered.

This book is Highly Recommended for all gardeners, landscapers or anyone taking care of a lawn or garden.

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