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  • Saves: Money - Time - Looks Better - Works Better
  • Native Mulches are the highest quality and most beneficial mulch material available and at lower cost than barks or hardwood.
  • Native mulches when composted or aged are even of higher quality. The heat from the composting process kills weed seeds and plant pathogens. Reduces time and work spent weeding.
  • Composted native mulch is naturally stabilized, preventing nitrogen tie-up when applied. Who wants to waste time and money replacing dead plants?
  • Native mulches improve soil quality faster than any other method and at lower cost. Saves on time spend fertilizing and watering. Why waste the money or time?
  • Native mulches prevent many types of plant diseases and improve plant health. Native mulches increase plant growth rates and increase yields of vegetables and fruits. Why spend money on dangerous chemicals and expensive exotic remedies?
  • Native mulches prevent soil compaction as they provide food for earthworms. Earthworms tunnel deep into the soil allowing air and water to easily reach plant roots, increasing soil fertility. Why spend money on expensive watering systems and high water bills if you do not have to.
  • Native mulches feed and fertilize the soil. They are many times higher in nutrients than traditional barks. Native mulches made from recycled materials have a high percentage of buds, shoots, leaves, and cambium layers in them. These materials are rich in protein, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and other nutrients which are the reason deer and other animals eat them as a food source. Saves money and time applying expensive synthetic fertilizer.
  • Native mulches reduce erosion several ways. The material tends to physically lock together and encourages the growth of beneficial fungus fibers that glue mulch fragments together and to the soil. Hence they do not float off in a hard rain as easily as most barks do. Saves a lot of work and cost of material filling in gullies and rills.
  • Native mulches made from ground up tree and vegetative material has many uses. Why pay for expensive materials like gravel or asphalt?
    - they can be used to prevent injuries on playgrounds
    - they are used for jogging/hiking trails
    - they are used as silt screens to filter runoff
  • Use of native mulches completes the recycling loop. It helps save valuable landfill space by recycling grass, leaves, trees limbs and other woody material that would otherwise be buried and wasted. The use of native mulches also prevents air pollution. It allows companies to recycle their green wastes instead of burning them. It saves you money when you contract out for services and on your taxes for waste disposal.

For a complete list of recent research on the benefits of Native Mulch, ask for the handout "MULCHING AROUND - The New News".

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